Saturday, September 24, 2011

a full day

This morning started out with a traffic jam of eager children waiting with excitement for our trip to the apple orchard.  They rode their bikes around and around in circles for such a long time.  
 Isaac was adorable and I had to grab my camera.  He tries so hard to do everything that the big kids are doing and he pretty much succeeds.  He kept getting frustrated, but he kept trying to keep up.
I love his brand new big boy haircut.  I almost cried as I watched Jason cutting all of his hair off, but now I think he's so adorable.  I can't stop looking at him!

 More frustrations...  and YES, I did button his shirt wrong!  I didn't even know I did that until I looked at these pictures tonight.  I was so busy that I just grabbed something to put over his t shirt as he was following everyone out the door and quickly buttoned him up from behind the running kid!

 This is the kid hay maze at the pumpkin patch we visited today.  I didn't get many pictures of our adventure.

 I dislike posting pictures of me, but I'm glad Jason got one of me and half of the kids.  Like I said, I didn't get many pics.  No kids-all-together, no me and Jason, no family, oh well... there's always tomorrow! :)
 cutie Kate bug and her mischevious look
 Isaac was amazed by the tractor during the hay ride.

 Sweet sunshine Ella.
 hahaha!  Kate CANNOT get her left and right figured out.

 strange bumpy pumpkins

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Mary Ann said...

It looks like you had such a fun day! And the few pics that you got are great. I know what you mean about not loving to post pics of yourself. *gasp* now everyone knows what I LOOK LIKE! is always the silly thought that crosses my mind :-)