Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amy {and baby E}

Today is Amy's 27th Birthday.  Happy Birthday, dear Amy.  Everyone who knows you knows theres a beauty inside and out that makes you special.  We love you!
blurry Mark being a dork and making us laugh, as usual
Amy is 33 weeks pregnant with a sweet baby girl.  Amy was helping Mark outside today.  He's been installing fence sections to completely fence in our back yard.  This is going to be amazing!  Frequently we have random dogs and random strangers walking right through our back yard.  There are a lot of immigrants in our neighborhood and a lot of rental properties.  Anyway, these next few pics were fun.  I grabbed my camera and took advantage of Amy's cuteness since she's preggo and it's her birthday.  And, yes, I watched as she lifted and held fence sections in place.  Hello!  I had pictures to take!

I cannot believe the goodness of God in allowing us to live with our brother and sister.  It's amazing.  It's working out so well.  We are a good team put together by the grace of God and are looking forward to our future ministry in the Philippines.  Have I mentioned that before on here?  Details will be for another post.


Carrie said...

No I am pretty sure you have mentioned future ministry in the philippines on here before! Your sister is really cute and so glad you are getting a fence up.
Happy birthday Amy!

Future of Hope said...

Oh, Beth, thank you for these pics! I haven't seen that birthday girl in waaayyy too long!

Love you both, and miss ya all like crazy!


AnneB said...

Adorable! You are both so beautiful inside and out! Love you all and miss you;)

Mary Ann said...

Precious. I love when sisters are close. My sister & I are blessed that way, too. And how cool that two sisters married two brothers. My grandma & her sister did that. Double cousins everywhere!
She looks adorable & the fence is going to be so nice for you guys! Random strangers in my yard = lots of anxiety!
Ministry in the Philipines? I think I would remember that...looking forward to hearing the details!

mom and dad said...

my dear daughters, you are both the most precious girls a dad could have. you both are indeed lovely not only outwardly, but inwardly for which i say thanks to Christ who has worked in you both! thanks beth ann for sharing the pics of your world with your mom and i via the web! i love you all and look forward to seeing you soon-- you too boys(twins!) keep posting-we love to see it. dad b