Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kate's new bike

Kate has wanted a bike for awhile now.  Jonas and Ella ride their bikes a lot and Kate wasn't interested in riding a bike until halfway through the summer.  So we started looking together at thrift stores and yard sales for a small bike with training wheels.  I couldn't find [a cheap] one anywhere.  Last week we went into a Goodwill on a Thursday.  Did you know that at Goodwill on Thursdays children's clothes and toys are 50% off?  So, we went on a Thursday and the employee that was outside the store collecting shopping carts was very friendly and asked Kate was she was shopping for today.  She said, "we are buying me a bike with a basket on the front".  I explained that we were looking everywhere we go for a small bike with training wheels.  He said, "we just put on out on the floor that looks like it's just her size!"  He led us to the location of the bikes at the back of the store and here was this BRAND NEW bike!  It's from Target.  Our Goodwill gets new/ old stuff from Target.  This same bike is  $79.99 at Target and at Goodwill it was selling for $25.  Kate still had $25 from her birthday and we walked out with a shiny new bike and one very happy little girl.  We also got a basket for a quarter and spray painted it and attached it to the front of the handlebars.  Later that night Kate said to me, "Mommy, I'm so proud of you today!" Kate couldn't quit hugging me and kissing me and jumping up and down all day long.  This was her way of expressing her joy and thankfulness to me.


Future of Hope said...

Isn't it awesome when God blesses our little ones with fun things?!?!?
Kate-Kate looks so grown up on her new bike. :-)

mom and dad said...

aw, bless my heart, would ya !!!!!!
oh that we would keep telling,and keep telling GOD (and others) how proud we are of HIM!!!!! pretty bike, pretty girl, pretty is as pretty does :). love you.