Monday, August 01, 2011

Home: rest

These pictures were taken back in January.  I took them to show my mom a few things and to get her ideas about some things.  I never did send them or do anything with them (No surprise there.  I take hundreds of pics with intent to blog and never do anything with them).  Right now I'm trying to clean up my hard drive of the over 26,000 pics and so I'm looking back through a lot of old ones and I'll be posting some old stuff.  Our room is dressed for summer right now and doesn't look like this, but I thought I'd post them anyway.  In fact my furniture usually is rotating around the house and I'm noticing some things that are in different rooms now.  I want our room to be a place of rest.  It is our getaway.  We value time alone together each evening and our room is a sanctuary for us.  Of course I stash laundry baskets and stuff in here when I'm cleaning fast and furiously because people are coming over.  It is rarely clean.  It is never clutter free or electronics free (therefore never dust free!), but it's ours.  It's what we've got.  It is so easy for me to be discontent while looking at blogs.  My "I want" and "I deserve" and "poor me" rare their ugly heads OFTEN!  However, the Lord has graciously grown me in this area over the past few years.  I don't spend money on home decor (ok, occasionally I use my birthday money for this!).  I use what I have.  I Tim 6:7 says, "for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out".  The beauty I desire my home to have is something that isn't tangible.  It's a feeling of complete comfort and a joy that cannot be expressed in pictures, but only in time spent here.  So, I'm reluctant to post pictures, but here is my place of rest.  At the end of the day this is where I'm happy.

I included the following picture because I never did "reveal" my Christmas gift from last year.  In this post I mentioned that there's something I've wanted for 15 years and finally got it!  Yep,  it's amazing.  and Yep, it lives in our room.  We are wall-to-wall STUFF here.
I love this bit of clean white space.  I think it's the only little bit of space in this house that's white, and clean.

None of this is here anymore.  In fact I actually sold the glass hurricanes at our yard sale.  It was fun for a week or so, but I've got to put on my missionary mindset and let some STUFF go.
Well, mom, this is a little late, but there ya go!  Thanks for the "J" and "B".


TwoMuths said...

for what it's worth, I think it's absolutely lovely. :-)

Beth said...

Thanks, Jenny! :) Of course, that's worth something- a lot, actually.

Mary Ann said...

I agree with Jenny - absolutely lovely! And I know what you are talking about when we go online & read other blogs; it's so easy to fall into the comparison trap. I've felt the Holy Spirit often remind me lately that it is foolish to compare myself to others & sin to envy what they have whether it be possessions, relationships, or talents. The Lord is always finding ways to teach me & I'm grateful :-)
All that to say, you have a great attitude & a wonderful room of rest!

mom and dad said...

ah thanks beth, i love it! i love katie bug sitting there waiting to be tickled and cuddled! it looks so clean! and roomy! i like the desk :) in the conner. cute j&b ;)!
the best part about your room is that your heart is in it and home is where your heart is. love you.

AnneB said...

looks great! I'm afraid your creative juices would be so incredibly stunted in my house...all white walls...only 3 things hanging in the entire house...and I think I actually have 5 pictures displayed (which is 3 more than I did in Virginia Beach!) Guess my house could really use a Beth visit:):)

Future of Hope said...