Wednesday, August 03, 2011


By God's design, nine years ago I married my friend.  We made promises to each other that we intended to keep for life.  By God's grace we are committed to being faithful to each other.  No matter what sin may snare us.  No matter what circumstances may overtake us.  No matter what.  We choose to love each other and meet each others needs selflessly.  As God willed I watched my husband suffer and come close to death.  I'm thankful each day for the gift of life.  By faith we will continue on this journey together.

At our wedding we signed this covenant of marriage before God and many witnesses:

As we marry, I commit to pursue this relationship in word, deed, and thought for the rest of my life.  In order to fulfill this promise, I give myself over to knowing God and His Word.  By growing in Christ, I will grow as your mate.  By learning of His love, I will learn to be more loving.

I commit to better myself as your life's partner.  I will not be content to love you as I presently do.  My love will grow as we mature.  I want to align my love with the Biblical definition.  I will especially dwell on replacing selfishness with selflessness and doubt with trust.  I will never stop in my effort to communicate with you.  I will not allow any excuses to block our communication.  I will improve my communication skills so that you might better understand me.  I will spend my life studying you so that I might better understand you.  I will deal with any specific communication flaws as soon as I am made aware of them.  As much as I will labor to communicate with you, I will do so with God so that I might better love you.  

I commit to be patient and longsuffering in my relationship to you.  By love, I will not allow anything to inhibit my relationship with you that God allows.  I will correct faults only as they benefit your Christian walk.  I will forgive immediately and absolutely.  I will always give you the benefit of the doubt concerning anything that might hurt me.  I will trust your judgement and love. 

I will seek to show my love for you in old ways that you desire and new ways that are creative.  I will never put you in a place where you are doubting my love.  I will express it verbally and non-verbally for the rest of our lives.  I will love you alone.  No one else will interfere with our relationship just as we will not interfere our relationships with Christ.  I will commit to Christ, then you.  There is no greater way to love you.

I promise to intertwine you in my life.  We will forever become one.  I will leave everything open in myself so that you may become part of it.  I will share all with you and will always be there for you to share with me.  I will forever participate in your life.  I will always seek to meet your needs.  I will forever love you.  
(written by Jason for us)


mom and dad said...

happy anniversary. love the picture. love the couple. love the commitment. praise the Lord.

Meg Flaming said...

Love this. Especially in a world that does not truly know what commitment really is . . .for LIFE.
We love you guys.
The Flamings

donnapaperscissors said...

I love your story. I found you because your blog was next to mine tonight, and it was especially meaningful because my brother just married the woman G-D meant for him after a lifetime of struggle, in a wonderful Christian church family. I am so happy for him, and I admire your honesty and trust.