Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prayer Request

Edit:  You can follow Mr. Zimmerman's progress and pray specifically through his CaringBridge site.

Mark and Anne and Anne's family are in need of the peace that only knowing God can give.  Please pray for Anne's dad, Dave Zimmerman.  He was rushed to the hospital from work this morning and is in critical condition.  The information I have is through broken text second hand:

 "Dave had a defective valve, which led to a defective artery, which led to a stroke on the left side of his body.  Mark and Anne are headed there now."

"Mr. Z had a bad stroke.  We met with surgeon.  Surgery is not an option right now.  The next 24-72 hours are critical to see what direction things go."

"It's grave, tough decisions at this point.  The dr's are at odds at what to do... death is the highest o ption... but we have one major major surgery that he would have a 10% chance of surviving.  my mom (mrs. z) is feasting on truth, but has to make a tough call."

In an instant life can change.  I experienced change last January 2010 when Jason underwent 5 surgeries in a weeks time and battled with death.  Although the infection that racked his body was certainly unexpected and sudden it was indeed a foreseen part of God's plan for our lives.  I cannot put into words all that God has done in my heart and life as a result of the trail He allowed us to go through, but I know that the communion of my soul with the Savior has forever been altered.  Prayer is often the outcry of a heart that is hurting.  It's natural to look upward when life is tough.   I've been extremely rebuked this year as I think back to the 24 day hospital stay that we endured and recall the almost 24 hour state of prayer I was in everyday that it's not my natural response to pray my way through life (the ups AND downs).

Please join me in praying for the Zimmerman family.  They are hurting and trying to process sudden change and as they are being stripped of energy and are at the height of human emotion there are hard decisions to make.  Please pray that as they strain to process medical information that the God of all comfort will sustain them.

On a small and practical note pray for Anne as she is 30+ weeks pregnant with baby boy #4 and has 3 other little guys to mother that she and Mark will both be a strength and blessing to her mom and others and as they are hurting and helping that God will go with them and before them.


Chastity Gomez said...

Will be praying for them, and especially Anne!

Mary Ann said...

I will be praying, too!

Anonymous said...
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