Sunday, July 10, 2011

Because I can't decide...

what to title this post, I'll list a few different ones:

I'm a first-timer
I can't be this old!
J-O-N-A-S x 200
Yes, I'm that mom

So, do I have your attention? smile.  Tomorrow my [almost 8 year old] baby boy is going to camp for the first time.  Our church is going to send kids entering 3-6 to Camp Chetek this year.  This is the first year since 1960 that Fourth has sent kids to another camp.   Jason will be taking close to 30 kids to camp Chetek for the week (Monday through Saturday).  I have spent the day with my Sharpie marker labeling Jonas' clothes, socks, underwear, everything!  I've become that mom that I both loved and made fun of when I was a camp counselor.  It was awesome when there were random articles of clothing laying around that had a kids name printed on them so we could identify the owner.  It was also funny to see all the printed names inside of kids belongings.  I especially loved one campers mom.  She had each outfit (shirt, shorts, socks, underwear) in a separate gallon zip lock back and it was labeled with the day of the week.  Not only was there a separate bag for each outfit, there was one for swimwear, extra socks, extra undies, hair stuff, and more.  It was pretty amazing.  And then there were the really sad kids that had obviously packed for themselves.  Nothing was labeled and they didn't have anything they needed and too much of what they didn't need.  So, I spent the day labeling and organizing and packing Jonas for camp.  It is exciting, but I'm scared!  How did I become this old?  Can I really have a kid headed off to camp?  Who will put Jonas' sunscreen on?  Who will help him decide what is the best choice to make at the candy shop?  Who will tell him he's had TOO much candy?  Who will help him find Haggai in his Bible?  Who will get his bedtime drink?  Will the boys make fun of his Batman lego underwear?  Will he change his underwear?!  and my mind goes on and on.  Do I sound crazy?  overprotective? exaggerative?  Well, I'm a mom.  I love this kid.  I suppose each new stage will bring new fears for me and new ways for me to give Jonas to God and to trust that He loves Him more and knows all of my unknowns.


mom and dad said...

O my belove child, you never cease to make me cry when i read your heart of love!!! i am also so often admonished by you and your sib's when going thru these stretching times. Just remember he is God's little boy and He loves him with an everlasting love more than we can even imagine. However, as a 'gram' i'm glad jason is going. On a lighter note, you probably didn't need to send the toiletries and only the favorite outfit and shoes will be worn (dirty or not). I love you. Relax and enjoy your other blessings.

Chastity Gomez said...

I am sniffling too- before long, I will be where you are and I think I know what mom I will be! (gallon ziploc bags:) Its SO very hard letting go and giving the unknown and control over!! Praise God for His grace for us moms as we watch our children grow.. Love you Beth and am SO glad you are going before me with these big experiences so I can glean wisdom from you!

Ben and Carissa said...

this post is priceless, Beth!! What an adventure he will have!! sunscreen or not...clean underwear or not! HA!

Mary Ann said...

Man, I'm not even a mom & I'm tearing up! I go through all of this stuff vicariously through those of you who write about it & through my nieces & nephews. I fretted like crazy when my oldest nephew went to camp for the first time - and it was even a camp that I had worked at & where I know most of the staff! The Lord must laugh at our silly worries but I think He loves the love behind it.