Wednesday, July 06, 2011


There's a progression here.  I'm sure you moms know it well.  If you don't get a good shot right away, it's hard to capture everyone looking "perfect".  However, some of the "perfect" looking pics don't communicate personality!  So, I say perfect shmerfect.  Let's have fun!

This is the only one we could get with Ian
and then he was done.
I think we're getting tired of this (it's only been about 60 seconds).  Isaac decides he can leave.
Jonas doesn't care for the everyone-pile-on-Jonas pose
It's time for aunt Amy to get involved

Isaac likes it.  Poor Jonas, we're almost done!

The big kids were glad to move to a new spot, but it took some convincing to get Isaac there.
hopeless, at least they are having fun!

Isaac is saying "all done"

Jonas, don't strangle your sister.  Give Isaac a toy to make him stay.
We are SO done here!
a favorite of the day to end with:


Matt & Nicki said...

Isaac belongs on the cover of a magazine! I want to squeeze that little boy!! miss you all! Your pictures always turn out so good--I need your photography skills here;)

kellyH said...

they are all getting so big! Someone just told me that you (I think!) used up your picture storage. could you tell me what you had to do? thanks!

Katie said...

So so cute! I'm behind in seeing this post (I'm generally behind in everything these days). I think your little guy (Ian?) looks kinda like Elliot, which is kinda funny b/c aren't they really close in age? I think you had Ian a few days before Elliot, right? He was born on Dec 15. Don't bother looking at my blog for updated pics. :( Maybe sometime soon. As I said, I'm a little behind. :)