Sunday, August 29, 2010

gone are the days of summer

If any of my kids could live outside it's Ella.  

Ella Caroline starts school tomorrow.  Will I cry? oh yeah.

I distinctly remember my first day of kindergarten.  I left my mom sitting on the front steps of our trailer and walked to my dad's van with him.  I remember my excitement.  I remember her wave as we drove away.  She was all smiles, but she told me later that she cried.  I think that will be me.


the johnson crew said...

so sweet. she is so beautiful. she looks so grown up since i have seen her last.

Matt & Nicki said...

Live outside? That would be Silas--wonder if it's one of those 2nd born traits:) I love that cheery little girl of yours--she is precious!

Rochelle said...

She is so cute! Oh so, meh. :(

mom and dad said...

wow do i feel old listening to my little girl talk about her little girl going off to her 1st day of school. boo hoo hoo more tears. are we cry babies or what? just remember ella is as excited as you were all those years ago.