Friday, September 03, 2010

Ella's first day of K5

Here's my excited big girl ready to conquer the world!
the whole crew:  Jonas- 7, Ella- 5, Kate- 3, Isaac - 8 m
Ella finding her cubbie
Ella and her teacher, Mrs. Brown.  LOVE her.
Kate and Isaac waiting patiently with their little friend Ezekiel.
Ella at her table
The special first day of school supper was  ABC pasta! 


mom and dad said...

beth, i love you. you are amazing! did you ever think mothering could be so rewarding, so fulfilling, so creative, so expressive, so much fun?!!!! you've done a great job! keep up the good work! i'm so proud of ella also!

AnneB said...

so precious! thanks for sharing:)