Sunday, August 29, 2010

the rest of the story

Tuesday Jonas and I went to the consultation with a surgeon about his abscessed tooth.  I really didn't know what to expect and so I didn't tell Jonas that anything in particular would or wouldn't happen.  A little friend from church had told Jonas that he was going to have to have his tooth pulled and the dentist would yank really hard and it would hurt really bad.  Well, I told Jonas we would just wait and see what the doctor recommended and not worry about it.  It turns out that Jonas' little friend was right.  We had our meeting and the doctor said, "we need to do this now".  I've seen someone I love in a lot of pain this year and as hard as that has been, I just can't imagine watching your child go through pain.  Jonas was so brave and sat perfectly still with his eyes shut tight as tears were streaming down his little face as the doctor numbed the area with several shots.  The actual pulling was no big deal and it didn't really take very long.  Only a few hours later Jonas was completely pain free and back to himself.  I'm glad that's done!  However, the same thing is happening in the same spot on the other side.  It's not abscessed yet, but it could become infected.  I now have to set up an appt with a pediatric ortho for a space saver to be put in the side that was pulled and for something to be done to the opposite side (pulled or filled or something).  yuck... more money... more tears... NO FUN!

Wednesday during youth group we celebrated Jason and Mark's 30th birthday.  (I'm such a slacker and didn't even post about my amazing husband's 30th birthday- don't worry.  we celebrated.  He knows he's loved.  I don't have to post to show it- I don't even know if people read this! )  Amy put together a great slide show celebrating this year with Jason.  It was sweet.

Thursday we had a family birthday party and then Jason took the two older kids to our school's open house.  I can't believe I have a son in 2nd grade and Ella is starting K-5! It's not possible.  How can everyone else change and grow around me?  I'm not changing one bit :).  During their few hours away I took the 2 little ones (Kate and Isaac) and did some shopping.  We needed to get some last minute school supplies we couldn't find the other day.  It was very fun to spend some time with those two!  I know I'll enjoy my many hours with them while Ella is in school 3 days a week.  Kate is ready to start reading and it will be fun to work with her.

Jason is politely telling me to stop taking pics! :)
Ella waiting to go see her classroom and talk to her teacher at the open house.

Friday we went to the State Fair.  The Minnesota State Fair is amazing.  It's HUGE.  I can't describe it.  You'd just have to experience it!  It will definitely be something we'll always miss when we leave here someday.  We had a fun and exhausting day together as a family.

Saturday Jason was gone from about 8 to 1 with some church responsibilities.  Around 5 we got ready and went to a preseason Vikings game!  These people here are crazy passionate about their football team.  Everywhere we turned downtown there seemed to be a sea of purple and gold!  We had a great time with our double date- Mark and Amy.

Sunday afternoon I'm planning on a nap.  I'm hoping all the stars aline and all the children sleep or are quiet as church mice for a few hours.  Everything hinges on the baby.  Will he catch a little cat nap in the nursery?  Will he make it home without falling asleep in his car seat?  Will he eat a good lunch and then sleep for a few hours?  We shall see...


Carrie said...

yes I read your blog! Caleb lost his front tooth and his big one is coming in sideways since his other baby teeth are still in. I thought the big one would push out the babies but now I am not sure. He hasn't been to the dentist yet..but I guess we need to go to. Hope Jonas doesn't have to get the other one done. Happy School Days!

mom and dad said...

thanks for the update. i'd love to see amy's presentation for jason. :( on the tooth. :) for ella and for 2nd grade. hope you got your nap. love you.

Matt & Nicki said...

I read your blog and wish I was more faithful on my own! And, I must say, I am sad to know that in a few short months I will NOT know about these happenings BEFORE they happen-- I will have to read about them for the first time on here!! I will miss you, dear friend, and am so thankful for another way to stay connected with you!!
Love you!

Future of Hope said...

Love, love, love the updates! Sad, sad, sad for Jonas; poor little guy!
Mom is here and earning her weight in pure gold. I will be so sad when she goes home! Anywhoo, I will show her your site and the pics!

sc3b said...

Hi! I'm just catching up on your blog!! What does the plaque say that is over your chalkboard?? Yesterday Bonnie and I discussed our need to take a trip to Mpls. I don't know when/if that will happen, but we would LOVE to make it happen. I haven't seen Amy since her wedding. Extension Rush is a week from today and I must say it...It's just not the same!!!!!