Friday, April 25, 2008

A book lover, I'm old, a man doing dishes, and other randomness

If the following picture was a video this is what you'd hear:
"bu (book), mamma" - "bu, mamma" - "bu, mamma" - "bu, mamma"
I don't seem to get much done these days. We have a reader on our hands and no, it's not Jonas. Kate loves books and brings them to me all day long. It's fun. It's exciting, but oh so time- consuming! Hey, this reminds me of my recent post on the demanding child- ironic! Jonas also loved books at this age. Ella has never much cared about them. She's so easy going though. If she comes to me for anything and I'm busy she usually just walks away and is on to the next thing. I have to be careful to give her time and attention. There are times when I feel guilty about not spending lots of time with her- time that the other two highly demand!

This makes me feel OLD! While I was in Tennessee visiting my parents Ella got to try on the dress that the flower girl in my wedding wore. She was adorable and loved playing dress-up in it. I just can't believe I have a daughter this old! Notice the "lovely" oh-so-popular (for only 4 years) periwinkle color. :-)

Now this is worth posting about. Attention ladies: I want it to be know that I am doing my part in training a man who does was dishes! Jonas is such a big helper. Actually this was his own idea. I think I'll jump on it though while he still thinks it's fun! Jonas brought this container of blocks to the sink and started washing everything in sight. He even washed my Pampered Chef scraper and the white enamel soap dish that sits on the sink. Yes, the dishes did go into the dishwasher after he was done!

Thank you so much for all of the comments on the demanding child post. It was so good to read your ideas and your struggles. I'm not alone!

The trip to Tennesee to surprise my mom was amazing! I was dying to tell people about my trip, but wouldn't risk spoiling the surprise so there were not many people who knew I was going. It was so good to be home. I miss Tennessee. It's beautiful right now. As we were driving to my parents house from the airport Jonas looked out the window and said, "mommy, we're in a jungle!" How sad is that! He was pointing out the trees with green leaves and the lush grass all around. My poor kids haven't seen that in about 7 months. (btw- it's supposed to snow tonight) I actually really enjoyed traveling with the kids. Going through security was probably the biggest challenge. Taking shoes off of all 4 of us, putting all bags and belongings in bins, remembering to dump water out of sippy cups and refill them after we were through, sending the stroller through, and having the kids walk through one at a time in front of me was no small feat. It went pretty smoothly though. We did get stuck in a tram in the Minneapolis airport for about 15 minutes and then needed to run (as fast as the 4 little legs would go) to our gate. That was exciting.

I think my randomness is complete for now. Thanks for listening, if you're still with me!


Erin Neiner said...

welcome back, friend! how wonderful to be able to take that trip. the video of your mom was simply priceless!!! i am glad everything went relatively smooth for you! all that training pays off!!! :) one of drew's favorite things is to play in the sink. thanks for the reminder of using it as a "training tool" also. i have heard of very young children doing the dishes. so it seems like a great place to start (especially when one doesn't have a me). also, just a thought for your little bookworm. maybe you could use jonas as a little "reader" to kate, even if he just makes up a story to go along with the pictures??? also, sending some sunshine your way. O (that's a sun, with no rays)

party of eight said...

wow, that was a loaded post!

you are such a creative mommy.

ella looks beautiful in that little dress.

and that is pretty impressive that jonas is loving dishes. that is how my preston is. he thrives on being my helper... it is when i cant' keep him busy that he gets naughty.