Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Country roads take me home

We were having "one of those days". Jonas and Ella were arguing. Kate was into everything! Jason was working a lot. The kids really wanted me to play with them- it was either that or keep cleaning up Kate's messes and go crazy with Jonas and Ella's constant bickering. So we made roads!

I cut pieces of cardstock in half and the kids spent a long time coloring them. Well, Kate spent a long time playing with the crayons.

Ella's roads were the most colorful roads I've ever seen!

I just love this face Kate is making. She has some crayon paper stuck to her chin and she's just talking away to those colors! After the roads were made and assembled we got out the blocks and made houses for each of us and a restaurant and a store. Then we were off to the races!

Gentlement, start your engines! Our race was tons of fun. Our living room is long and skinny. I moved the furniture, rolled up the rug, and we raced and raced and raced with every car in the house!


Jen said...

you're so creative Beth! good for you. I like that idea. Thanks for sharing the pics too : )

Erin Neiner said...

that is so awesome!! i love it! you got some great pics also! I am also impressed with Ella's intuitive coloring skills!! :) Great focus & determination!!! We will definitely have to try this when we are having "one of those days!" :) hmmmmm...maybe today??

Matt & Nicki said...

What a good mom you are! I need to think up some ideas like this--and then I need to DO them;)