Friday, January 11, 2008

Sleepless in Minneapolis

I don't really know what this post will turn into. I have a lot of random thoughts rolling around up there. It's 1 AM so I probably shouldn't be blogging, but here I am. Jason is out at camp with about 50 senior high teens for Winter Weekend. Last weekend we took about 25 junior highers out there. Last year I don't think we had any snow for Winter Weekend so we really had to be creative, but this year there's plenty of it! I stayed home this weekend because Kate did NOT sleep out there last weekend. It was pretty awful, so as much as I want to be there I just have to stay behind this time. I've been thinking tonight, how did we make it through 3 years of Jason working 3rd shift? I didn't realize until now that I hate going to bed alone (thus the title of this post). I think it's called: You do what you do when you have to do it! God's grace is amazingly sufficient. I only have 5 years to look back on and I can't imagine what I'll be looking back on in 30! We've moved 5 times in the past 5 years. I'm so thankful to own this house and to be settling in for a little while. In the midst of the moves Jason went through 4 different job transitions and we had 3 babies! Through it all Jason plugged away night and day and finished the M.Div at Central.

On a completely different note, I need to sleep while I can because I'm expecting "Kate the Great" to serenade us through the night. Kate is 10 months old and she is not sleeping through the night. Jonas and Ella slept through at 7 and 8 weeks. Jonas had sleep issues that developed around 5 months and lasted till he was 3. Ella has always been a perfect sleeper. I've done basically the same things with all of them; however, Kate is a special case! She's a SCREAMER. I've been determined several times before to let her cry it out. Sometimes I stick to it and sometimes I cave in and go feed her. I know the inconsistency is horrible for her. She's probably confused and more strong willed because of it. Our bedrooms are all next to each other (kind of L shaped). We have all wood floors through the house. I'm trying to say that she's so LOUD at night. 2 months ago I moved Ella out of Kat's room and put her in Jonas' room because the crying at night was really affecting Ella's sleep. Since Jason's gone for the next 2 nights I have resolved not to go in to Kate at all- no matter what! So, we'll see how it goes. I might be back on here in a few hours!


Hannah said...

Hang in there Beth-- It is hard. Abby was that way. I would let her scream and she still wouldn't quit with the night wakings. Finally around 18 mo. on her own she just started sleeping through sometimes. She still gets up at least a couple times a week and cries during the night. She just isn't a great sleeper. Emily who is 9 mo. is still getting up 1-2 times at night too. I think it is because I am nursing and she just wakes for that comfort. I hope it goes well for you. I haven't really slept through the night in over 3 years. I was pregnant and didn't sleep and then Abby and then pregnant again and now Emily. It is interesting.

partyofsix said...

i am so sorry beth. life is so tough when you don't get good sleep. - when does jason get back?

we were so blessed with our four kids that the Lord made them good sleepers, and little amos is sleeping much better now too.

you are a wonderful mom!

Erin Neiner said...

Oh, Beth. I feel your pain. There is not much more frustrating than sleepless nights to wake up to a busy, busy household of kiddos. I salute your determination in trying to let Kate scream it out. Even though Jack is a good sleeper at night, he is also a screamer. And I mean a SCREAMER!!!!! Though it is during the day so no doubt a bit more managable to handle than in the middle of the night. But none the less...that screech gnaws on the nerves. I will pray for you: for patience, nerves of steel, and for Kate to have a complient spirit!! (though sounds like she might not go down without a fight~~~) guys really have been through the "ringer" in your first years of marriage!!! I guess the next decade will feel like smooth sailing after the whilrwind of changes you've had to face!!! Or He's preparing you for that beach mission field! Praise the Lord for His sustaining grace!!!

Beth said...

thank you all! I know I'm not in this alone. Motherhood is a high calling. So rewarding and soooo exhasting!

sc3b said...

Keep hanging on!!! 21 years later, my screamer and non-sleeper has a sweet, quiet spirit & is no longer around to be heard! 19 years later, my perfect sleeper is giving me fits!!! ;) (The last child remains forever wonderfully mellow!)
You are a wonderful mom - I'll be praying for you! Love you all!!

Future of Hope said...

Beth, while I am sorry for Kate's sleeping issues, I must say that I am impressed by your wit. To come up with "Sleepless in Minneapolis" at that crazy hour and to even be lucid enough to type is in and of itself an accomplishment!

I will be praying for you guys!

Oh, and I got a new camera for Christmas. I will try to post pics as soon as I get out from underneath the writing crunch!

Cabin Fever said...

Hi Beth
Your photos are wonderful. You have the same kitchen clock that I have, except mine is sage green, the color of your cupboard next to the clock in the photo. I have a newer blog for my business with my paintings on it. It's a blog/web (the web part is still in the making)...and an extension of my gift shop Cabin Fever. Anywho- the 5th painting down was a suggestion of your brother Jasons. You can see I painted his initials into one of the tiles. Psalm 19:18.
We are well here in WI.
God bless you real good, as Leola would say, Pam and John from the Northwoods
p.s. Brock turned 10 today!!! and my John turned 55 on the 8th. Edie and Kim both had birthdays this month too.

partyofsix said...

how is it going beth? has jason recovered from the winter weekend? have you recovered? = you are wonderful!