Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Breath

It's time to take down the tree. It still smells wonderful, but my little beaver, Kate, has been eating the dead pieces that are now starting to fall off. When I did the finger sweep today to pull parts of the tree out of her mouth, I noticed how forest- fresh Kate's breath was! I recommend a little balsam fir for anyone's halitosis. I love the pine smell, but it was just a little too much when the scent came wafting out of her diaper (evidently tree has a high fiber content!). I do like how the pine needles in the vacuum bag smell so good as I vacuum the rug! I wonder how long I can go before changing the bag? We found some pretty good smelling pine scented candles this year too. However, none of the pine smells around here beat Kate's Christmas breath!


Don & Katrina Hines said...

That is hilarious Beth! Glad she is very organic! =) My vacuum has the same smell right now and I was wondering the same thing, how long can I get away with not changing the bag! Thanks for sharing your holidays with us via the blog!

Matt & Nicki said...

Nice post Beth--I've decided this week is probably the most vacuumed week of the year:)

partyofsix said...

oh wow, that is so funny

i love real trees!

partyofsix said...

it was great to see you yesterday. thanks for the coffee... just right. yummy!

amos said he enjoyed sitting/lounging in your lap! (he slept 7 hours strait last night - praise the Lord!)