Thursday, December 06, 2007

Great-Grandpa Brumbaugh

This is my grandpa Norman. He is such an awesome guy! Grandpa is always working on something... the on-call job he STILL has, the huge beautiful yard and garden he owns, amazing woodworking projects, and much more! He's hard to keep up with. He's active at his church and he cares for various friends and family members. While we were staying at his house over Thanksgiving I never saw a dirty dish sit in the sink before he'd come right along and wash it. More than all of this though, he has always been there to listen, laugh, and love. I don't know exactly how to put into words what makes a grandpa great, but I can definitely SHOW you who I think is the greatest grandpa ever!
I love you grandpa.


Matt & Nicki said...

Sweet post Beth. . .I never knew either of my grandpa's--maybe someday I will get to meet yours:)

Janelle said...

That second picture is just priceless!!! I'm so thankful I knew my grandparents and that they were good examples in so many areas! Both of my grandpas have passed but still have my grandmas and love them both dearly! That is so neat that your kids get to know their Great grandparents!

Erin Neiner said...

That is so neat! My only grandpa still living reminds me a bit of yours: awesome gardener, never a dirty dish in the sink (guess I missed inheriting that gene) and he actually taught my grandmother to cook way back when (before their 8 children!) So I understand an awesome grandpa and the appreciation one has. Your grandpa looks so...cute! And how special for the times your kids were able to make their own memories with him!!