Sunday, December 02, 2007


The lake on the property my parents own in IL
The Brumbaugh fam
Justin and Stephanie
Aunt Amy and Ella
Grandpa B and Jonas fishing (he caught his first fish!)
Cute Cousin Titus

The past 5 Thanksgivings have been hosted by yours truly at each of the 5 different places we've lived. My parents have been able to join us and my siblings have come over from N-land each time. It's always been very relaxing, a bit crowded :), but nonetheless lots of fun. This year we did something entirely different. I have both sets of grandparents and lots of extended relatives who live in and around Quincy, IL. So, we packed up and headed 8 hours south for a 2 week vacation! My parents and Amy came up from TN, my brother Mark and sister-in-law Anne and little Titus flew up from VA Beach, Justin and Stephanie drove down from N-land, and Mark S flew down from OR. We had such a wonderful time being all together! I'll post several pics here, but the majority of them are on facebook. Feel free to take a look!


Janelle said...

What a beautiful family and what a wonderful change of plans! I'm sure it saved you from a lot of the stress of cooking and entertaining everyone at your house. Looks like you had a great time! And hey, the kids acutally got to play outside! ;) Wonderful pictures!

Beth said...

janelle- ha! yes, they did play outside A LOT. I think that made it even harder coming home to the frozen North! It's been snowing here and so they've gotten to go out again. :)

Future of Hope said...

How did your bread turn out?!?!?!?!

Mine didn't do well this week, but my kitchen was SO COLD!!!!!! I am trying again today, and I think I am going to let it raise on the stove. Maybe the heat will help!

On another note, how do you get on the facebook thing? I have a profile, but I can't find you or amy to add to my friends list.

Erin Neiner said...

Hey...I'm good! :) Thanks for asking! I can't believe how quickly Christmas is falling upon us! Lots to do, you know. I still have to coordinate our family picture for cards...yikes!!

WOW...what a wonderful, wonderful time for all your family to be together!!! How special!! And yay for you for cooking Thanksgiving dinners for so many years!! All I had to do this year was the 10lbs of mashed potatoes and I was bushed...and my kitchen a mess! I was just thankful we were having Thanksgiving at my in-laws!! :) I'll check out the rest of your pics on fb. Have a great day!!!!!

Beth said...

Erin K- My rolls were awful the first time (flat and dense), the second time was much better. I think my kitchen's too cold also. There was a layer of ice on the inside of the kitchen window this am! YIKES! That can't be good for sour dough rolls! :) The second time around I let them rise inside the oven (turn on to 200 and then turn off, cover rolls, boil water and pour in shallow pan and place in bottom of oven). I had to leave them for like 8 hours, but they worked! I don't know how grandma gets them so all the same and so perfect- maybe in 20+ years... :) lol. I'll try to find you on facebook.

Erin N-I can't say I've always been successful w/ the T'giving dinners! :) ha! We've had a pic ready to go for cards for months w/ great intentions of being done w/ cards early, but i don't think that's happening! I know what you mean about Christmas coming fast. It's amazing! So many projects going on!!!