Sunday, December 16, 2007

The countertops are in!

Since we went to our church's musicale last night we had this evening at home. Our plan was to finally sit down and work on the christmas cards and make more peanut butter balls. The kids took great naps today and so I did also (this was much needed since I was up WAY too late last night getting all the goodies together for the the S.S. teachers)! Well, when I woke up Jason told me he'd gotten a message from Menards that the countertops we'd ordered last week were in. We weren't expecting them until after Christmas. So, our plans changed and we spent the next 7 hours ripping out the old stuff and putting in the new! I say "we" like I helped. :) I mostly just provided moral support for my hero and handyman, Jason.

This shows the old countertop and sink ripped out and the new countertop getting ready to go on.
The kids got to eat corndogs in the living room and watch Christmas movies (like 3 of them!). They were loving it.
Here's the new sink. I'm so excited!
And here's just a sneak peak of the new! We did finish tonight, but it's so late and I'll have to post the finished product another time, so check back later!


Matt & Nicki said...

how exciting. . I am sure I will see them in person soon:)

Hannah said...

That is awesome Beth-- I want to come and see your house. You are soo good at making everything a home. I miss talking to you too.

Dan Lerro said...

Your kitchen is awesome! I couldn't help but notice the picture that is on the side of your cabinet - is that the one I gave you? If it is I can't believe you've still got it! I am touched :)