Monday, September 24, 2007

Playing "Store"

This is the best $1.00 game at our house! Jonas loves to play "store". About a year ago we bought this play money at the dollar store. The box above serves as the fancy cash register. The kids get a paper sack and literally spend hours filling their sack to overflowing with all their old books and toys. They bring their purchases to me (while I wash dishes, or do whatever it is I do...). I used to tell Jonas to pay me a certain amount of coins, but now he actually knows the different bills and he's learning the coins. It's a great game because he's learning and having fun. Plus, in the midst of the shopping they come across old forgotten toys and get side-tracked with play! It's great! Ella, who LOVES shopping just trails along behind talking about all of her carefully selected purchases!

Please share your great pretend play ideas! I'd love to hear!


Carrie said...

We play fort a lot but also animal rescuers (ecspecially when I need a low key - I'm really tired game) I lay in the bunkbed (the treehouse) and caleb goes out and find animals (stuffed) that need rescued then he brings them back to get fixed up and rest :)

Future of Hope said...

Jack and Andrew both love to play Superman. Jack has superman pjs and Andrew has a hand-me-down superman shirt. I tie blankets around their necks to serve as capes, and they take turns "saving" their animals.

Also, their absolute FAVORITE game is to make a train. They take all the dining room chairs and the kitchen chairs and line them up around the dining room to make the train. They get out all their animals and set them in the chairs. Then they take turns being the engine driver and the conductor. They have a lot of fun with this game, and it gives me time to get a few things done in the kitchen (like scrub the floors!)

6packB said...

Beth, did I tell you Moses' favorite thing lately is playing with the magnets you gave me on that vintage tin? He lines them all up in a row on the kitchen floor, rolls the dice magnet for each one and moves them forward that many spaces. It is a "race" to see who gets accross the kitchen floor first. There are a lot of sound effects and gets really competitive near the end. He has a blast. Thanks for contributing to make this "game" possible!