Friday, September 14, 2007

Kid stories

Tonight as I was putting Jonas to bed I gave him an extra long tight hug and I said, "Jonas, you're my favorite little boy." He didn't even pause and replied, "and you're my favorite mommy!" Awwwwwe... it just melted my heart.

Jonas and I were practicing the days of the week the other day and I guess Ella thought we were leaving some out because she chimed in with "last day, someday, yesterday, Tuesday..." It was so cute!


Future of Hope said...

How precious, Beth!
I trust things are going well with all of you. I will try to touch base with you guys this week concerning the lessons I sent to Jason.

e-hugs! :-)

partyofsix said...

ella is hilarious... oh that is so funny.

the story about jonas makes me want to cry... so sweet.

Janelle said...

That truly is halarious! You should start keeping a book called "kids say the darndest things"! I'm sure you have at least a few entries to get it started anyway! =) So cute!

Erin Neiner said...

so, so cute. i love those moments...that erase ALL the frustrations of a day!!! it always helps me keep perspective!!

ella is such a little smarty-pants! love the pic of the 3 kids!! Adorable!