Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The House Hunt

We just spent the morning looking at houses with our realator. It was interesting! When we met at 10:00 I had my 3 ring binder ready to go with tabs dividing our 8 prospects. In each section were maps, notes, highlighted information, and questions about each house. When we met the realestate agent she handed me a small paper folder with the copied papers of all the houses stapled together. Then she saw that I had all that and more ready to go- and organized! She just laughed at me with my notebook and highlighter in hand! I'm sure I looked like a nerd! So, here's the summary of our search... 1 house was already sold, 1 house was in too dangerous of a neighborhood, and 4 others needed to be totally gutted (thousands of $'s worth of repair/ reconstruction) before we could even consider living in them (they were being sold for around $150,000 by the way!). Two of the houses we looked at we are considering. They are far from my "dream home", but with a lot of cosmetic touches we could make do! The MLS numbers are 3231029 and 3279554. I'll keep you all posted as we keep hunting and try to decide what to do here. Please keep praying for us! We need wisdom.


Future of Hope said...

Well, my dear, you sound like you were ready to go! I wish I would've thought to be that organized!

With your Martha Stewart instincts, I think you could make ANY home adorable!

Hang in there, Beth. I have been praying for you. God must be getting ready to do great things with you and Jason; He sure is preparing you for something GREAT!

Love you muchly, and I CANNOT WAIT to hear about my newest great niece or nephew!

PS: Your mom told me some of your name ideas. I love them!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Beth! I will be praying for you! I moved 3 times (once into a 3rd story apartment) while I was pregnant. Uggh. Getting into a home is so overwhelming. Just remember that once it's yours-- you can move walls around all you want to until you love it :)

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Beth! I think that we are posting at the same time :)

Leah C said...

Name Ideas? I am assuming a girl would be LEAH! :) I like the 1 1/2 story house. It has a charm that the other one lacks on the outside, however the inside details may make up for it on the first one. Good luck.

partyofsix said...

dear beth,

thank you for all your faithful prayers for us and your words of encouragement to us.

i'll be praying for your house. that is exciting and overwhelming. you guys have so much on your plate.

we have a hmong couple who live next door. Sing (the wife) is expecting a baby girl in March. I spoke with her yesterday and she said she is thinking about giving her baby an American name. She might name her "Janelle" so she can remember my name when they move to California. how sweet and how sad that they are moving.

anyways, happy house hunting. (seriously, the north side isn't so bad.)


sc3b said...

How is the house hunt going? I was asked at church last week if you guys could use some help packing, etc. Just say the word...I'm sure we could get a few ladies to head over there. :)

Beth and Jason said...

Cathy- are you serious? I could definately use help packing!!! I'm sure the ladies wouldn't mind a trip to the Buffalo Nickle?! :)

sc3b said...

I'm all sticky from glueing photo albums!!! :)(Just taking a break now) Actually, it was Tammy's idea, but yes, the Buffalo Nickel would be fun, too. I'm sure Bonnie would be in & Steph & Miranda are pretty free. Hmmm...let me do some thinking!