Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Broken camera, House hunting, and Baby Stamper!

I'm sorry friends and family, but our camera is broken and I probably won't be posting for a little while! I'm still here checking all of your blogs, but I guess we Stampers aren't worth looking at right now. :(

We met with a loan officer yesterday to start our pre-approval for a loan for buying a house. Maybe by next week we'll be serious shoppers! Please pray with us that the right home will be available soon and we'll be able to find it! We know God's timing is just right and that He'll meet our needs perfectly.

Tomorrow I will be at 36 weeks with this pregnancy. The baby is due Mar. 15. I was 2 days late with Jonas and since he was 9 lbs. they let me be induced the day before my due date with Ella because they expected a big baby. So, I'm assuming I won't go past Mar. 15 with this one. Although I'm big and uncomfortable this is one time I'm not anxious for #3 to come early! I have to pack up a house and MAYBE even move before the baby and sleepless life comes.

Here are the MLS #'s of houses we are looking at if anyone is intersted: 3280614, 3305342, 3312382, and 3300987. It's discouraging how expensive these very small fixer-upers cost.


LeahC said...

3312382. This one gets my vote, it has more sq. footage, even though its only one bath. you could always add a bath. Maybe you'll get a better price in Chattanooga...hint...hint

sc3b said...

Hi Beth, Our computer is still down, someone is coming on Sat., so hopefully it will be up and running again soon...anyway, I miss checking up on everyone. Wish I had more time here at the library to check out the houses. We'll be praying for you! Some day it will all make for good story telling.

Beth and Jason said...

Leah- thanks for looking. That was is bigger which would be great, but taxes are 2,439 a year so that has to be factored in to the price too. I only wish I could buy a house for that price in Chatt. It would be awesome!!!

Cathy- I hope your comp. gets fixed soon. It's so hard to be w/out one when you're used to it! You'll have to look at the MLS #'s another time. I'd like to hear what you think. It was fun looking when you were here.

Erin said...

Oh, sweetheart, I will pray even more for you right now!

Hang in there; God will show you exactly what He wants for you guys, and you are right; His timing is perfect. But isn't it hard sometimes to not be able to set our clocks by His time?


Future of Hope said...
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Sean said...

Dude, you need some technical support? Just call your geeky old roommate, I'll hook you up!

What's up Stampers!! Ain't seen you in years. Glad to read that things are going well and that having offspring isn't a problem for y'all. Anyhoo, just stoppin' by to say hey.


Sarah said...

I like this one!
5857 Nevada Ave N

Jennifer Beauchamp said...

3312382 & 3300987 seem like great houses. Man I thought buying a house around the chicagoland area was high but these are expensive so I feel for you. You will know what is right and God will show you. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you both. By the way congrats on the upcoming baby I had no idea you were pregnant.

Beth and Jason said...

Jenn! I was so excited to see your post! I had no idea you looked at my blog. Now you need to create one! Thanks for your expert opinion on the houses!

Erin Neiner said...

Oh need to talk to Leah (Millan). She packed up and moved from Arizona to SC in the end stages of her pregnancy! No wonder she was 3 weeks early!

We had a great experience with house hunting...although I wouldn't call it fun! After looking and looking, even losing at a bid, the Lord saved our perfect little house for us! It was an estate sale and we got our low ball offer because they just wanted to get rid of it! It was/is a fixer uper...esp. paint! The inside walls were like a rainbow... vibrant teal, peptobismal pink, sunshine yellow, Barney purple! With alot of TLC and elbow grease, it has come along way! I will pray you find the perfect one in the perfect time! PLEASE be careful!!!! :)