Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hi Belly!

"Hi, belly" is how Ella likes to greet most people's belly's! She doesn't get it. She thinks anyone- big or small- has a baby in their belly. Sometimes she grabs her own belly and says, "baby's kick'n me!" It's great! Jonas loves this baby and he's always very concerned if the baby has enough food and drink "in there" and if it has enough blankets to keep it warm "in there". He likes to feel the baby move and kick and he talks to the baby. He has wanted a baby girl the whole time and doesn't even want to hear about the possibility of a boy. We often say that God may give us a boy and we WILL love the baby even if it's a boy, but he just says, "no, it's a girl!" So, we'll see... any day now.


Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

Wow you look very good for being 9 months pregnant. And I do mean that especially after we had our conversation last night about people's comments to pregnant women. Anyway, your belly looks to be straight don't even look prego from the back, although I am sure you feel prego all over...but you look absolutely fabulous. Not real sure what the MLS means for all the houses you keep talking about. Remember there are some of us who have never ever talked the real estate lingo:):). I am looking forrward to seeing you when you come for a visit!!! Anne

partyofsix said...

beth, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman ever. i remember seeing you at the seminary banquet and thinking... she is thinner than me even with a baby in there. you are so cute.

that is pretty funny how concerned jonas is about the baby. that is so precious.

your kids are so cute. i can't wait to hear about what you have. what a blessing. i am so happy for you guys.

you have a lot on your plate. i am praying for you. thank you so much for all your prayers for us.


Future of Hope said...

FINALLY!!!!! The baby belly!
I must agree with Anne about the whole "not looking pregnant" from the back. You look AWESOME!!! I am praying for you and the new little Stamper. I cannot wait to see pics!

Love you muchly, my dear!


PS: Would Jason be interested in writing some senior high material, like maybe over the summer or something?

Beth and Jason said...

Thanks for the flattery friends! A pregnant lady can't get enough of that! Why do you think I took the pics in a black shirt? It's even a slinderizing color on a pregnant lady! This belly is different from my others- I'm sticking so far out I feel like my skin is going to pop! I have so many stretch marks in the front. It's gross!

Anne- I'll e-mail you the MLS info. I did feel really stupid at the start of this house search, but there is a different lingo to learn- you're right.

Janelle- thank you for your prayers and concern. God has really given you a big heart. I hope to be like that!

Erin- Jason's not against the idea! Let's talk. Summer is insanely busy for us with camps and missions trips every week.

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Beth you look fantastic!!

Tricia said...

Lookin' great Beth! Everyone is right about not being able to tell from the front and back pictures. I love the way the kids interact with the baby...mine do the same with ours. It's so funny. Can't wait to hear the news!

Shyla said...

Hey Beth!
I have been a blog lurker to your blog for a little while, but nathan and I wanted to tell you that we are praying for a sasfe delivery! Sheesh, i couldn't even tell that you were pregnant until you turned to the side! must be nice! haha!
Congrats on the house - sounds like you have a crazy busy month ahead!

6packB said...

If it makes you feel any better, Moses was so happy to see you on line and he never even noticed the belly. He's going to make someone a great husband! You look beautiful. From one who knows, it is weird knowing I will never do that again. Try to enjoy what you can of it and keep all these memories! And, no, I am not sorry not to be doing it again. Just nostalgic!