Saturday, January 10, 2015

Contemplating the gift of life for five years

Remembering and rereading:

The Story (as recorded on Caringbridge)
Leaving the Hospital
One year ago today
Two years ago today
A day of rejoicing

While it is impossible to record the countless moments I fully celebrate and meditate on the goodness of God I cannot neglect the significance that this particular day, January 10, is for us.  It's a special occasion for us to give glory to God.  The words I can use to communicate fall short.  All I can continue to report is the faithfulness of our God and our continued growth in faith and in the likeness of His Son.  I have seen God through the love of a Father soften and shape my husband.  I have seen Jason respond over and over again in complete submission and humility and obedience to the sanctifying process God is doing in Him.  There are complications and daily inconveniences that Jason suffers as a result of his surgeries.  That's all that he would want me to say about that, but I don't think I could continue to have joy in what Jason endures daily.  God has called me to watch and to learn from his example of godliness and I'm so thankful for continued grace that is new and continues to be enough each day!