Saturday, May 10, 2014

praise me

"Praise me" is a phrase that we learned from some good friends about 5 years ago.  It's totally for fun.  Whenever we are feeling especially proud of ourselves and there is no one else in the world to brag to and you realize no on will even notice what you've done it's fun to say "praise me?!" to your spouse or friend.  Do you know what I mean?  That one time that I scrubbed the toilet and cleaned the floors and was caught up on laundry and had a wonderful dinner waiting on the table at a reasonable time and I just felt like I needed some praise, I just lovingly said, "praise me" and then proceeded to carefully point out all of my accomplishments.  We use the phrase in jest often and it actually feels good.  I'm guessing it's natural and common to want acknowledgment for a job well done no matter how menial the task.  Motherhood is filled with those kinds of jobs.  I don't even need to list the little things that we do daily for our children, spouse, and home.  Little things that matter and if they aren't done are noticed.  However, if only those things could be written in the stars or shouted from the rooftops or accolades of praise could be showered on us it seems like it would be more meaningful or fulfilling.  Mothers Day feeds my desire for praise and recognition for what I do.  I "deserve" mentality is everywhere! I deserve gifts, cards, candy, flowers, a day of "serve me", "love me", "honor me", "notice me".  It's not good for me.  I secretly crave it all year and it seems "just" to me on the day it happens.  I love the opportunity to praise my mom and honestly I will treasure every homemade card I receive tomorrow, but I wanted to record how I've been feeling this year because this little post has been in the works for a very long time.  While the idea of Mothers Day has been a gentle rebuke to me of my selfishness, I realize it's a time of celebration to many. To others though this day will bring only sorrow of regrets or unfulfilled expectations or memories of children who have gone before them, too young or even unknown.  Each day is a gift from God and no matter what our status as mother may mean to each of us or what meaning that word carries we have the opportunity to delight in our Creator and to be joyful in serving and to be content in living each day for His glory.  So, for tomorrow, Mother's Day 2014 I will not seek to hear "praise me" but I will be reminded to treasure the four children I'm blessed to mother. 

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