Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disney World

Our family was given an amazing gift in the month of April this year.  Jason's parents took ALL us Stampers to Disney World!  This is a trip they had planned for years.  Along with our planning and talking and anticipating, excitement was growing and we were in no way disappointed.  Our kids are perfect ages for a Disney experience we won't forget!   

 My kids love to mark off the days till an event. 

 Here is the cold and white Minneapolis Stamper enterage arriving in sunny FL!
 Aunt Elizabeth had these shirts made for us.  We wore them on day one and one other time as well.  It WAS really nice to be able to identify the people in our 13-person group.
 The days were LONG and FULL!  We enjoyed an amazing 8 days at the parks and stayed at the All-Star Resort at Disney.
 Everyone needs a lollypop the size of your head!  Why not live the dream?  The kids carefully saved money for a year and then chose how to spend it at Disney World.  Some choices were very frivilous, but some were planned and careful, taking a lot of thought to what would last long after vactation was over. 
 grandpa Stamper and 3 little Stampers:
 Cinderella's castle was magical for the girls!
 Having daddy to ourselves 24/7 for 9 days was the BEST!
 dreaming of being princesses:
Disney was sweet treats, sugary drinks, and delicasies of all kinds!
 silly duo:
more magic: catching sunlight
 strong boys pulling the sword from the stone
My beautiful SIL, Elizabeth:
 More fun eats:
 Sweet dreams at night were fulfilled during the day and days filled with delight were fuel for sweet dreams at night.
 You couldn't find a happier crew!
 Kate and Aunt Elizabeth at Animal Kingdom:
 Isaac loving the rides.  His perfect world would be constant motion!
 Jonas and Aunt Amy.  The adult to child ratio on this trip was perfect!
 Memories of pure bliss and dreams of returning some day are all we have left, but those are powerful!  Thank you so much, grandma and grandpa.  Pictures and words can't express the vacation or the gratitude we have, but while they are inadequate we can still use them.


Carrie said...

How cool! Looks like a super great memories for a lifetime trip!

Mary Ann said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad you all got the chance to explore Disney. My sister's family has been a couple of times & I even got to go once (in high school as a member of the marching band - heehee!). Your pics full of happy faces are a testament to the enormous fun that was had - good stuff :-)

Becca S said...

Isn't Disney great?! I've been Disney dreaming this week for a trip in Oct. of very far away! haha! What a treat to be able to spend the week with family! Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation!!