Monday, September 24, 2012

a favorite book

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We got a like new copy of this book recently at a thrift store and it is beautiful.  It's an ABC book with each page dedicated to a letter of the alphabet and filled with pictures that begin with that letter.  It's a little remenicint of the famous Dr. Seuss ABC book in it's clever tongue twisted wording, but the illustrations leave you pouring over each page for a long time.  Isaac (2 1/2) really loves the animals and Kate (5) enjoys finding all of the items on a page that begin with the given letter.  Jonas (9) and Ella (7) have enjoyed the illustrations.  The book is creative and builds the imagination.  It stimulates conversation and builds stories.  I thought it was worth posting. 


Alicia said...

Ooh! What a find! Requesting this one from our library asap.

Nicole Tolosa said...

just got this from the library last time. Sara really likes it!:)