Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kate

 A little sentiment before the fun, ok?  Thanks.  Kate is five.  It doesn't feel possible.  I'm moving into a new phase of mothering.  My relationship with each of the kids is changing, well, developing is probably a better word.  I'm feeling very confident in my mothering toddler abilities, but now that I'm leaving that I'm nearing the end of that stage, I'm approaching a whole new world that intimidates me!  My big boy, my firstborn will be nine this year, sweet Ella turns seven on Monday, and my little cuddle bug is five.  Those numbers sound and look astounding to me!  Thank goodness I have little Isaac to wrap up in my arms and baby babble with still.  I'm determined not to treat him like "the baby", but I know I won't be able to help holding onto him a little longer. ;)

On to the party!  Kate has wanted a "Tangled" party for months.  So I went for it.  Our gift to Kate was the Rapunzel dress up dress.  
I do cheap parties, but we did buy stickers and plates that were Tangled themed.  The flags were easy, though time consuming.  Thanks, Brittni and Amy ;)
 Kate's tower cake was constructed with chocolate rice krispy treats wrapped around my [clean ;)] metal paper towel holder.  It worked really well, but took many more hours than I anticipated!  The 2 round layers on the bottom are just 9" round cakes with a hole cut out of the middle.  They fit down over the paper towel holder rod and rest on it's round base.  Kate was eager to check it out when she woke up the morning of her birthday.
I piped squiggly vines everywhere and added candy rocks and cute frosted flowers (thanks to Stephanie who helped me with those).  These additions really covered all the mistakes and imperfections.  This was so fun to make! Oh, the Rapunzel polly pocket on top was held in place by a lot of toothpicks and was also our gift to Kate.
 Birthday morning pancakes, a tradition in our house.
 This was Kate's first time to have friends come to her party.  She invited two little girls and two big girls that are special to her.  That was Kate's idea and a HUGE help to me!  Kristy and Amanda love Kate and she loves them.  They helped by coming to her party and making it special.  Here they are helping the kids make paper lanterns that we hung from the ceiling.  (that only makes sense if you've seen the movie)


Mary Ann said...

Looks like it was a very fun & successful party :-) I kind of want a Tangled party myself this year!

Carrie said...

Beautiful cake! Beautiful 5 year old girl! Looked like a lot of fun!

Chastity Gomez said...

great party as usual!