Saturday, February 11, 2012

just keep swimming, swimming

For 2 years now we have used Christmas money from Jason's dear grandma for a family membership to our community center.  It has been wonderful!  There's a great indoor play ground (a huge blessing in MN winter!) and very nice indoor and outdoor pools.  The pools are zero depth entry and so Isaac thinks he's quite the swimmer.  He runs in full blast and doesn't quit.  He even thinks he can follow the others right into deep water.  He just keeps on going even when the water is over his head.  He requires full attention.  It's definitely not relaxing for me to take 4 kids to the pool.  The other kids weren't exposed to water as early as Isaac and we are definitely seeing the benefit of having a baby in the water on a regular basis.  Isaac is a fish!  The other 3 have had some fears to get over and are doing quite well now, but it has taken some time.  Isaac never wears goggles, but the 2 pictures below were of him sporting Jonas'. 
{Kate 3, Ella almost 5, Jonas 6 1/2, Isaac 12 weeks}
{Isaac 2}

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Mary Ann said...

How fun for your kiddos! I agree, kids in the pool does not equal a relaxing time for the adults. Every summer our family goes to a waterpark/amusement park. Every swim all of us grownups are on guard watching the four kids :-) And I agree, the sooner kids are exposed to water the better. We had a little above ground pool when I was a kid & I've always been happy to be in the water. My husband is a complete opposite because he never swam as a kid. He only gets in the water now to make me happy :-)