Friday, December 30, 2011


A few weeks ago, Isaac asked me for tea.  He doesn't speak very much or very clearly, well, compared to kate the great.  So, I was trying to understand what this new word "t" could mean.  Isaac could tell that I was not getting it even though he kept saying "t", "t", "t" over and over to me.  Finally he brought me over to the counter where he sees us getting our hot drinks and said again, "TEA" and pointed just like this.  I always have my iphone in my pocket so I whip it out and snatch pictures like this often.  I love it for that.  This really isn't anything momentous, just a fun little moment in Isaac's life that I caught.  Isn't life thousands of these little moments.  It's impossible to capture them and to document them all, but hopefully catching a few will help me remember someday.  And of course, we did stop and sit down and enjoy some hot tea together.  :)
 my boy asking for tea

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