Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas activities

grandpa entertaining the little two with his movies and music:
 decorating the gingerbread house with grandma:
grandma ended up "decorating" their mouths!
 enjoying our beautiful creation:

 Isaac's first look at our gingerbread house when he woke up from his nap:
 This is our annual draft:
We have an overload of stuffed animals.  Does anyone else out there tend to accumulate these like we do?  The kids LOVE their animals and play with them and sleep with them and take them everywhere. Some of them are very special and others aren't so much.  Before Christmas it's necessary to purge and make room for more so this is our way of going through the animal friends.  We place all of the animals on the couch and Jason leads the draft.  The kids choose one at a time in an organized fashion which animals are their favorites and we let them keep a certain amount and then the left-overs disappear. ;)
 We played lots of games: 
(Amy's thrilled that I have my camera out )

holiday baking:
(Isaac "helping" me with his choo-choo)
 Some for giving, some for eating:

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