Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heritage Days

Jonas was Sir Gawain, one of King Authors knights, this year for Heritage days.  He recounted the story of nobility when he cut off the head of the Green Giant!  We thought he would be put in the category of a character from historical fiction, but instead he was paraded to the front with all of the pioneers,  pilgrims, and Indians.  He definitely stuck out as well as his story! ha!  

 Ella was Louisa May Allcott, the author the the novel Little Women.  Ella loves the book on cd of Little Women and the movie (also one my favorites!).  This was her idea.  Maybe we'll have a writer one day. :)  We looked through many google images of Victorian period dress and came up with this hat made from half of a paper plate.  I decoupaged black fabric onto it and as it dried formed it to this shape for her head.  The fabric flowers were from another project I've done before.  So, it was simple and cheap and turned out perfect for our little author.


Erin Neiner said...

LMA is probably also my FAVORITE author!!! I watch the movie every Christmas time (I'm due soon). One year I read everything I could get my hands on about her. I hope to get over to her homestead at some point which is about 2 hours east of us here. She was great!!!

Erin Neiner said...

p.s. I meant to say...I LOVE the outfit!!! Especially the hair bonnet!!! It is adorable!!! Great job, mom! :)