Monday, October 17, 2011

pictures from our trip to Lakewood

The weekend that we went to Lakewood, WI was perfect for fall here.  The leaves were beginning to change colors, but the vivid greens were still showing also. We were blessed with great weather.  
 Ella gets everything set up around her when we travel.  She's a lot like me.  Even when it's time to watch a movie everything is in order.
 Jonas is always drawing.  That's always been his favorite thing to do.
 The drive was only 5 1/2 hours.  Very nice.
 Isaac eats the whole time and feeds his cars and animals.  He says, "hungry?"  And he has them reply emphatically, "hungry!" Then they proceed to sample everything that goes in his mouth.  It's cute.  I could watch that for hours.  Well, I DID watch that for hours. :)
Here is Northwoods Bible Fellowship.  It's just like coming home to drive around the corner and up the road to pastors house at the top of the hill.
 Thank you, Scott and Cathy, for taking us to the zoo!  And for housing us and feeding us.  This little white goat followed our family all around the zoo.  It had free roam of the place and it even noticed everyone lining up for a picture here and had to join in!

 The tigers were only a few yards away from us with this seemingly thin wire between us.  This cage was a little frightening.  Do you see the remains of his dinner scattered all around the ground?

 The kids enjoyed running back and forth the length of the grizzly bear cage.  The cubs would follow them up and then back down.  They did that for a long time.  I have a lot of good videos!
 These cubs were cute and fun to watch, but look at the size of those claws and these are just babies!

 Here's our little white goat friend.  He especially liked to stick close to Isaac.  Once he even butted him and almost knocked Isaac right over!  Isaac loved it. 
 running to see a kangaroo

following Scott and Cathy back home
 So thankful for the beautiful weather and great friends to spend the day with!
Jason was also able to preach at Northwoods on Sunday morning and our little family felt like celebrities.  We were warmly welcomed and asked to explain what we know of our future in the Philippines.  We are thankful to have so many praying brothers and sisters in Christ in Lakewood.  We are  blessed.

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Mary Ann said...

It looks like you had such a fun trip! That zoo was amazing & yeah, the wires didn't look too thick to me either :-) I'm really glad you had the chance to get away & relax & enjoy the beauty of the fall weather & scenery!