Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a little trip

Twelve years ago, Jason and I started attending Northwoods Bible Fellowship in Lakewood, WI while we were at Northland.  God used that local church in our lives in a tremendous way.  The pastor and his family were then and have continued to be a blessing to us.  They have mentored us and encouraged us in our personal spiritual growth.  We love them!  Two weekends ago we had the opportunity to go to Lakewood for the weekend.  There's a zoo in Lakewood that had tiger cubs.  It was fun to pet these animals.  The zoo was small but had a huge variety of wild creatures and they were all so close!  At large zoos (we've been to many) you see animals in huge exhibits and they're usually pretty far away, but this place was crazy!  We were just feet away from grizzly bears and fierce tigers.  I don't think we'll ever have the opportunity to gather around a table at a Minnesota zoo and interact with tiger cubs like we did here.  It was awesome.


Mary Ann said...

Wow - that does sound fabulous! I haven't been to a zoo in ages...I'm thinking it would be something fun to plan for this coming summer!
God is good to put us together with people who will help us along. I'm grateful that you have been able to keep in touch with this pastor & family that have been a blessing to you.

mom and dad said...

oh my word that is awesome! i bet the kids loved it! i'm sure you did. that's neat.