Thursday, September 15, 2011

Isaac's night-night

Isaac loves his bed, his "night-night".  He likes to sleep with a car in one hand and a "choo-choo" in the other hand.  Isaac at 21 months enjoys nap time at 12:30 and usually sleeps for 2 hours.  He wakes up around 2:30, although some days I have to wake him up at 2:50 to go pick up Jonas and Ella from school.  The kids go to bed at 7:30 on school nights.  Jonas gets to read for about an hour each night with a lamp beside his bed. He also listens to a CD.  Isaac goes to sleep so quietly with big brother in the room.  He doesn't mind the light or the music.  It amazes me.  The differences between the first born and the fourth are many.  This little guy definitely knows how to roll with the punches and I'd like to say that I do as well (ok, better than I did with only one or two kids anyway!).


Future of Hope said...

I have been curious about the infamous "Red Crib" since you announced that you were painting thus mentioned crib red.

very, very cute!

Beth said...

wow, Erin. Then this pic is about 2 years too late for you, right? I have an idea, why don't you COME UP HERE and see us and you'll see all the things I talk about and all my bazillion unfinished projects for yourself :)

mom and dad said...

oh how time has a way of changing things!

Future of Hope said...

Well, I am REALLY hoping to come up with Nat for the Men for Christ rally in March!!!!! That would be so much fun!!!!!!!