Thursday, September 08, 2011

The first week {of school}

Open House:

 Ella was SO excited to find her desk, see her friends, and meet her teacher.  We had to keep going back to the classroom about 4 times that night.  She wanted to LIVE there over the weekend until school started on Monday.  She also wanted me to take pictures of everything.  Jonas, on the other hand, wasn't excited about me taking a picture of him.  He played it cool.  He did light up when he saw his friend Zachary and seemed to enjoy seeing his new classroom.  Mrs. Macalas will be very good for him!
 Ella with Miss Dekkers:
 Jonas with Mrs. Macalas
 First Day of School:

 Homework on the first night:  Ella's first-day-of-school summary/ report was very fun to fill out and Jonas' books needed to be covered.  He surely has the most awesome book covers! :)  This book of maps comes in handy for SO many projects here. It's pages are really thick and perfect for book covers.  

The first week of school went really well.  I thought Ella would be much more tired.  She is doing well though.  We are into a nice routine in the mornings and the little two have had so much mommy time.  I'm enjoying them.  We are very thankful that the kids got to go back to Fourth this year!


mom and dad said...

beth, thank you for this post. they are so big! has a week gone by?

the johnson crew said...

can you believe how fast they grow up? loved your pics.

Mary Ann said...

So glad that they got off to a good start!

Chastity Gomez said...

They are getting so big!