Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father's Day and a trip

I got to spend father's day with my dad!  Isn't he handsome?  My dad is a strong guy and a hard worker.  He hasn't slowed down at all.  In fact, after putting in a long hard day of work in the hot sun, he drove 10 hours through the night to be with us.  I've learned so much from this guy.  Much of it is practical, a lot is character building and much more is spiritual.  My view of God is big, thanks to my dad.  It was a blessing to be able to say "happy Father's day" in person to him this year.  

Jason took a small group from our church on a missions trip to France.  They were a blessing to 2 missionary families that our church supports.  They were gone for 12 days.  We sure did miss our time away from Jason.  I took a trip to Quincy, IL (an 8 hour drive) during the time he was away.  We stayed at my grandparents house and my mom and dad drove up from Tennessee and met us there.  It was such a wonderful time with my family.  It was good to see my kids exploring every inch of my grandpa's property and playing much the same way I did as a child there.  It was relaxing to get away.  I enjoyed spending time with the kids away from the distractions of home.  I was more focused on them.  It was good to catch up with many extended family that I haven't seen in several years.

Mom and I enjoyed every minute together doing special things and everyday mundane little things.  I love that we can enjoy doing dishes together, folding clothes together, and watching Food Network together just as much as any spectacular event we could have planned.  That's a true friend.  There are no pretenses in our relationship and I value that.   

This little cutie just cracks me up.  I love every little thing about him even though he had an ear infection, a nasty cough, some issues with not wanting ANYONE else but me, and some major SIN he's manifesting.  I'm trying to treasure each phase and even though mothering has some down right frustrating moments, remember that they are each gifts from my loving Father.  

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Mary Ann said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm so glad you have a good relationship with your parents & that they have taught you well about our heavenly Father. That is a rich blessing.
My sister in law lives in Quincy. I love to go visit - they have some of the best little restaurants (Greek, French - yum!).
And I love that pic of your little man - so cute!