Thursday, June 30, 2011


My sister, Amy, is pregnant and has the coolest due date: 11.11.11  Her doctor says that the hospitals are already filling up with C-sections scheduling on that day.  We are excited to meet the new little one in God's perfect timing though.  This Stamper house is filling up!   The more the merrier.
20 weeks


Matt & Nicki said...

Barely a bump!:) So excited for you, Amy! we love and miss the WHOLE Stamper Clan!

AnneB said...

adorable! and here's hoping this little girl comes on 11.11.11
On a side note, there was a lady who gave birth in Va Beach to 3 kiddos in 3 years. 07.07.07 08.08.08 and 09.09.09! Can you imagine! All natural inductions or C-sections! Crazy