Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy heart day

making valentines for J and E's classmates:

making heart garland with the top half of the cellophane bags (They were too long so we had to cut them off and I couldn't throw away the extra!):

making heart cookies for the K5 class at school:

meditating on what it means to have a happy heart as a child of God:


Mary Ann said...

Lovely! I think it's great how you have decorated things up. Love your chalkboard. I would have one just like it if I had that much wall space in my kitchen. Your cookies look yummy!

mom and dad said...

girl you are so creative. it looks like a production line going on in there. kinda reminds me of singing telegram day @ good ole ccs. love the special verses on the board. love your cozy kitchen. wish i was there. love you.

Future of Hope said...

I showed several ladies your Valentine's pics yesterday evening. All three ladies wanted me to ask if you have a chalkboard on your wall or if you just used chalkboard paint?!?!?

Rochelle said...

That looks like it was lots of fun! :)