Monday, January 10, 2011

One year ago today...

One year ago today
            …was no surprise to God.  It was forever on His mind.
Thank you, Father, for knowing me before the foundation of the world.  Thank you for orchestrating all the events of my life to bring glory to you.

One year ago today
            …God used the wisdom of man.   Thank you, God, for bringing the Stuckey’s into our lives, for Dr. Stuckey’s selflessness, and for leading Him by your Spirit to make a house call on his day off.

One year ago today
            …The best surgeon in the Twin Cities for Jason’s condition was on call at North Memorial.  Thank you, God, that you are and continue to be in control of every detail.

One year ago today
            …I heard that my husband should be dead.  Thank you, Father, for the healing you have brought!

One year ago today
            …God sent me on a journey that would strip me of any dependence on myself or my husband or anyone else.  Thank you that in you I find strength and confidence and grace to go through any trial.

One year ago today
            …God started to move on Christians everywhere to bear us up in so many tangible ways and to bring us before the throne of the Almighty.  The outpouring of generosity from so many believers was overwhelming to us.  Thank you ,God, for using your people.  Thank you for blessing us abundantly. 

One year ago today
            …I was completely exhausted from a newborn and from caring for my husband for a week.  The exhaustion from the first 3 days in the hospital only multiplied.  Thank you, God, for keeping me healthy, thinking, and functioning.  You are my all in all.

One year ago today
            …I did not know that today would ever come. I was reassured as I waited on doctors to consult with me after the surgeries of that first week that God was good, He was with me, and whatever the outcome was, God would be glorified.   That was enough.  It’s the only thing I knew was certain and that alone carried me through.  The bleakest day was Wednesday.  After surgery, the doctor told me things were not good.  The infection was spreading, and they weren’t sure if they could stop it.  As my world was caving in on every side and I was feeling so alone, I called my parents to tell them the news.  My fingers could dial, but the words would not come out.  It took quite awhile to relay the facts, and then all I could do was thank them for teaching me from birth that God is good.  God is big.  God is everywhere.  God cares.  God listens.  God knows.   Those thoughts were taking over now during this trial.  The faith that God Himself began in me long ago and has produced over the years is manifested in tough times.  I know that tomorrow may never come.  Life is a vapor.  How does that change my day?

One year ago today
            … I was rebuked that it’s not my natural response everyday to run to God and claim His help for everything, no matter how small.  We are completely humbled that God chose to work in us.  We are instruments.  We are clay.  He is not done.  Praise His name.


Hannah said...

Praise God that Jason is alive and well!! That was such a scary time just watching from the outside... I can't imagine going through it. You did it with such grace and dignity Beth. Watching you, I knew the strength came from God. It was a neat thing to witness.

Tiffany Wagner said...

Thank you for sharing your heart! It was beautiful to read.

Unknown said...

beth you brought tears to my eyes. what a wonderful example you are to all of us. I know britt constantly talks about how much of an encouragement and God honoring woman you and Amy are. I really appreciate you and what God has done through you guys and that you are always there for Britt. So glad Jason is still here with you guys. Praying for you guys! PRAISE GOD.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for remembering & recounting all of that for us. What an encouragement to see how God has worked & what He has taught you! It is such a blessing that He chose to heal Jason & keep him at your side.
Thanks for starting my day off right - focused on the Lord, remembering His complete goodness & faithfulness!

Ben and Carissa said...

Thank you, Beth for posting this! What a reminder of God's grace and goodness to us in every circumstance! What an instrument you and Jason were! Thank you for your example- I will never forget the look in Ben's eye as he heard the news about Jason and the days of fervent prayer for you guys! We love you! To God be all glory!

Unknown said...

Beth, how encouraging your post was today! and how wonderful to always remember the works of God in our lives both BIG (as in your case) and small (which happen every day) - Praise God for allowing it and I praise Him for your families response to it! Love you!

mom and dad said...

well, you've done it again, i'm crying. thanks beth, this is beautiful. to GOD be power, and honor, and glory forever. amen. love you (all), mom

Rachel C. said...

Have been remembering this for the past couple of weeks. We are so thankful that we could see God's clear hand working in and through you two. God is SO GOOD. Hope winter retreat is more fun for Jason this year!!

the johnson crew said...

praising God! very beautifully written.