Friday, January 21, 2011


I've been MIA in bloggy world for awhile.  The "real" life has been full, as usual.  I'm not very good at journaling, scrapbooking, documenting, and preserving memories.  I do take thousands of pictures that sit in digital form for "someday".  I'm going to get caught up here on my blog.

This past month we have done the following:

--celebrated Christmas with Jason's parents (They were here for 10 days!  It was great and went too fast.  They taught us a new card game, 3/13, that we played a lot in the evenings and shared many many laughs)
--Jason and I have shared many conversations recalling God's goodness to us over this year.
--Jonas lost another tooth (I think that's 7 now.  His front teeth that are coming in are huge.  He has Brumbaugh teeth!  They take up the space where there were once 4 baby teeth.  I'm not sure how they'll all fit in there.  He's going to look so different!  He doesn't get much money from the tooth fairy, but he enjoys losing teeth because it's a way for him to make money.  He's a saver!)
--Ella has had a few deep conversations with mommy and daddy about salvation.  She is coming to an understanding of the gospel.  It's beautiful.
--Kate continues to mother the babies (Isaac and Ian) everyday and loves helping
--Isaac is walking and running and falling on his face often (He chipped his front tooth.  His mind goes faster than his little feet)
--Continue with our college class Bible study on Thursday nights.  It has been really good and I love being "forced" to clean on Thursdays!
--I was in charge of decorating for our pastor's wife's baby shower.  I had so much fun sewing and crafting with my helper friends for this event. You can see pics here.
--Jason got a new phone so I have acquired his "old" i phone.  I've been adding contacts and learning apps in my free time.  Toy Story 3 has kept the kids entertained during several dr appt's now.
--Winter Weekend for our teens out at camp was this past weekend.  It was a really great time.  We've had so much snow this winter and it's not going anywhere.  It keeps snowing and keeps piling up.  It's pretty thick now and that made for a fun weekend of tubing.  We were thankful that the weather wasn't 0 like it is today.
--Jason is going to teach a TCBI class for the month of February.  I'm excited that I get to take the class!  (thanks to M & A who are watching the kids!) He's my favorite teacher.  Who wants to join me?
--decorated and undecorated for Christmas and de-cluttered (still need to do more) and in the process of organizing every room.  (I think we should set up a certain day where we all post organizing ideas/ helps/tips  for each other to benefit from.  Who wants to join?  Leave me a comment if you're liking this idea)
--Jason and I have booked our first get-away-alone vacation!  (We think we deserve it)
--Congratulated my little brother, Justin, who just graduated from Police Academy in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We're so proud!
--FREEZE every time we venture out of doors.  We are all turning pasty white here and are getting cabin fever.  big time.

And here's a question to leave you with.  Do your kids play like this?


Chastity Gomez said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one whose kids rooms look CRAZY after playing! Its such a chore picking it up and having them help too.. it just takes SO long and SO much motivation for the kids!

Ben and Carissa said...

I'm in for the organizing tip day! I have much to learn and need ideas!! You should see the mound of toys I am in right now...that's why I'm on the computer...I'm procrastinating! My kids came up with this new game where they "wrap" Christmas presents in blankets and give them to each other. Cute to watch, but they FILL a big blanket with all sorts of stuff from their rooms and then drag it all out into the living room to "open". After about 3 presents, the whole living room is filled with all their toys. Then, of course, it's too much for them to clean up! :)

Jess Bjokne said...

Count me in for organizing tips as well, I LOVE to organize and clean so it's always fun for me to work on. I know...I'm weird.

Hannah said...

Yes-- my rooms look like that too. I don't know why I even bother cleaning.

I would love an organizing tip. I'm afraid I don't have a ton of them to give out but I could desperately use some. Especially in this little house we call our home right now.

Mary Ann said...

You guys have been busy! And don't worry - you aren't the only ones to be getting pasty white & sick with cabin fever. It has struck here in Indiana, too. We have had so much snow. Ugh.
I would love to get in on the organizing tips but I can't play if I have to offer any of my own - 'cause I don't really have any! But I'd love to hear about everyone else's organization savvy. We have a super small home & we are always looking for ways to declutter & stash stuff out of the way.
My sister & I definitely played like that. My mom pushed us outside as often as she possibly could :-)

Matt & Nicki said...

I'm always up for organizing!! Missing you and all the mess our kids made together!!:( By the way, where are you and Jason going?:)

Stamped Here by Him said...

love being around you and knowing exactly what's going on in your life, yet enjoy reading about it. We must love each other a lot.

Kimberly said...

That looks just like my girls room! Sad thing is most of there toys are in boxes in storage because of trying to maybe sell the house and they STILL make huge messes. I'd be fine with it if they would clean it without much gnashing of teeth and tears.

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