Saturday, November 20, 2010

the little two

I'm thankful for time alone with these two little ones on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  These are intense training days/ years and I'm thankful to have the time with just them.  Kate loves to have extra cuddles and book reading on those days when I'm not constantly pulled in so many directions.  She is so good with her baby brother and a really big help to me.  Isaac is at a whole new level since he's nearly walking.  It's amazing that I forget how much a baby can get into!  With each new child there are new "no touches" and new obstacles to figure out because of the different stages of life.  Isaac is also my climber.  I've never had one.  I've never "allowed" one.  I thought I'd never deal with this, but apparently God is working on my pride in the parenting department - again.   Isaac is still a bundle of energy and he's not slowing down.  I know it's nap time when he pauses for that brief moment and gently lays his head on my shoulder.  His eyes get heavy and he relaxes.  It doesn't last long!  He kicks his little feet and jerks his head back up so quickly and flashes me his big award winning (in my book!) smile that is commented on by so many people and he fights sleep to the death!  Sleep wins.  And if it doesn't, mommy at least does.  

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