Friday, November 19, 2010

Home: resourcefulness

Able to act effectively or imaginatively, especially in difficult situations.

I like the above definition of resourcefulness.  What are my "difficult situations"?  They may be time, money, or space.  I probably will think of more later. :)  

As I go through Ella and Jonas' shoes and clothes to change with the seasons or to see what I can save for the next 2 kids I often find myself saying, "how would my mom fix and save these broken or stained things?" And so the picture above represents time put into being resourceful.  I often super-glue shoes that are falling apart (the clothes pins are holding the shoes in the drying process), mend holes in clothing, and cover stains with patches or cute flowers.  My mom would be proud!  She's one of the most resourceful people I know.

Resourcefulness is how I can save money.  It's my "job" and it takes time.  Time that I feel I need to make.  I have found that by saying "no" to some good things that vie for my time and attention and money and STAYING at home more I can make time to be resourceful thus saving money.  Please share in the comments below any ideas or stories that you may have for resourcefulness.


Here's a funny little story about Jonas being resourceful.  He came to me one day (back when he was only 4 years old) and wanted to show me his latest creation.  It was a guitar.  I was impressed with the acorns taped to the neck of the guitar and the stretchy elastic string that he had taped from one end to the other.  He picked the little string and showed me how it made music.  I was impressed and asked him where he got that stretchy string and how he thought of putting it there?  Jonas replied, "I found it in my underwear!" This kid cracks me up!  He noticed a little string and kept pulling and found out it was stretchy like a rubber band and couldn't throw such a useful thing away!  He decided it would be a good guitar string.  How resourceful!


Matt & Nicki said...

I remember you telling me about this--your Jonas is just like his mommmy! I don't know that I have any tips on being resourceful, since I am the queen of purging. I guess I am being resourceful with my space;)

Future of Hope said...

Beth, your mamma would be so proud of you!

mom and dad said...

well, what can i say, i am washing a clear shower curtain liner as we speak and have already hung the last recycled one that was stored away. :} i guess kids learn what thy live. although you are much better about tossing things than i am. i guess we learn from each other. thanks for sharing!

S said...

i am not resourceful enough and am a purger like nicki. :) i wish i was more resourceful...keep us informed with resourcefulness tips! i wish i had your creativity beth!