Saturday, October 09, 2010

saying goodbye

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.  
~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

When we moved here in 2002 and the Tolosas moved shortly after we had no idea how deep and abiding our friendships would be.  God has truly blessed us with their friendship and we are thankful for our once-in-a-lifetime friends.  They had Sara and 4 months later we had Jonas.  They had Silas and 5 months later we had Ella.  We had Kate and then came Ezekiel.  And then we stuck on Isaac at the end.  Notice the pattern... Will there be a little brown haired girl in the T's future? :)  We miss you already, dear friends, but are thankful for God's direct leading in your lives.  


Erin Neiner said...

Aw. That just hurts the heart, those kind of goodbye's. May you cling to the memories that you have sewn deep into the heart throughout this transition time. I hope to run into them that they're on our side of the country! :) Awesome child-bearing pattern! :)

mom and dad said...

wow, what great things God has done! love to you all.

Mary Ann said...

Isn't it sweet & wonderful how the Lord blesses us with heart friends? I'm sorry they have had to move on...but as your quote says, how wonderful to have something so precious that it hurts to say goodbye. God is good to us, isn't He?

Matt & Nicki said...

I am just now reading this post 9 long days after you posted it, and I am missing you more than you know!! Thank-you for sharing this. What memories we have built together! I love you, my dear, sweet, Beth!