Sunday, October 10, 2010

nine months

How did this wee little one grow so fast?

He captures my heart, daily. 

Isaac is 30", and 21.9 lbs.  He won't sit still.  He lays his head on my shoulder for one brief and beautiful moment when I say, "go night-night", but otherwise he is kicking and squirming constantly.  Isaac has 6 teeth and says ma-ma and da-da noises, but doesn't really use them to identify us.  He makes a cute little pig sound and a growl that's really cute.  He waves good-bye and is learning to sign "please" and "all done".  Any ball is his current fave toy.  He's quite a little star in our youth group.  Yeah, he's loved. He's been on the New York missions trip and the creation museum trip so he's spent a lot of time with some of them.  Isaac smiles so easily so when he's greeted he always rewards you with a smile.  Isaac  RARELY sleeps through the night.  I don't get him out of bed (7:30 to 7:30), but he is stubborn and hasn't learned that his screaming (l-o-n-g and loud!) doesn't work.  He keeps trying.  Remember me saying that he won't stay still?  This has become an issue during diaper changes.  He flips over and tries to escape so fast- usually before the diaper is off.  This has resulted in discipline at this early age- gotta start young!  Along those same lines he is also learning "no touch".  Isaac recently discovered airplanes.  We live by a small airport.  We also live by a fire station and there are train tracks about a block away and police cars frequent our neighborhood.  Isaac has a lot of noisy vehicles to watch and listen to during the day!  He likes noise.  He is definitely a #4.  There is always plenty of activity here to entertain him.  He likes to make noise.  Is it any wonder that his favorite household appliance is the vacuum?  We will be celebrating one year before I know it!  I'm actually posting this 9 month re-cap on the day he is turning 10 months.  I'm also reminded that 9 months ago today I took Jason to the ER for a life altering 24 days in the hospital.  I'm thankful everyday for these 2 guys.  I cannot imagine life without either of them.  I think I have enjoyed God's good gifts in a new and exciting way this year.  God is good.  To Him be honor and glory forever.  


mom and dad said...

well you've made me cry again. i think the second pic of isaac looks so much like jason. praise the Lord for #4!!! praise the Lord for jason!!! i know you do. i praise the Lord for you!!!

Ben and Carissa said...

awww, Beth! What a sweetie. It really is crazy how fast the time goes. I was just catching up with Jason's story on Caring Bridge - we will keep praying for all of it and that this will be the end of it all. What memories you must have over the last 9 months - quite a ride. Praising the Lord for His goodness in your family! Love you guys!
I did quickly click onto your blog the other day when I saw the title "9 months" Just had to check and make sure it was not an announcement! :)