Monday, October 18, 2010

my home

After a long night of bad sleep (Jason being uncomfortable and baby waking several times) I need to counsel myself:

God created me.
God created me and all things for His glory.
My life is a vapor (a blip in eternity).
After this life is over I will spend eternity in heaven.
God is preparing a place for me to praise and know Him forever.

Jason has such a heavenly and worshipful perspective on the "suffering" that he's endured for all of 2010.  That's not to say that every now and then he doesn't wish for his old normal self back.  Next Sunday night Jason will preach on heaven at our church.  I'm anxious to hear him.  Perhaps God has allowed this physical pain for us to long for heaven more.  I want to spend my days meditating on the glories God has in store for us.  Hoping in Him will motivate right living and right thinking today.  I am starting to do a book study with a friend out of this book:

Jason is in the process of reading this book:

In what ways do you meditate on heaven, our home?  Why is it that it takes physical suffering, pain, and death to focus our perspective on eternity?  We are pilgrims on a journey and I'm afraid we are easily distracted and take many detours because we are looking down instead of up and straight ahead to see our destination.


Matt & Nicki said...

Needed to read this today, Beth! oh, how I miss you! My iron who sharpens me. You are a rare find! Love you!

p.s. who are you doing the book study with?

Beth said...

miss you so much, Nic. Melissa.

Jen said...

Thanks for posting this. I actually went right online and ordered the book plus two of his kids books. I'm so excited to get them. I've actually been craving some good preaching about Heaven. I'm only sad that I'm going to be in the parenting class that night. I'll have to get a recording. :)

Hannah said...

Wow-- How crazy you would post about this. That is all we've been talking and thinking about lately. I too am reading Heaven. How different we would all live if we stayed with the perspective of heaven in our minds. Our lives truly are a blip-- we have the rest of eternity... why aren't we doing more?? and making more of an effort for God's kingdom?? So many thoughts raveling in my head. It is so cool you guys are studying it too. Our church just started a series on it too. I think God is wanting to wake up his people.

mom and dad said...

wise counsel beth. there is a verse i was struck w/ recently, " it has been granted(it is a gift of grace) on behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake." our thinking is so different. "let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus...."