Saturday, October 23, 2010

how do boys read?

My boy loves to read.  He could (and somedays he does) read for hours a day.  For instance today during nap time he read from start to finish this Dr. Doolittle book we found at the Target $1 spot.  Although he enjoys reading he is still ALL boy.  I thought this video was funny and showed that fact.


Hannah said...

That is too funny-- How in the world can he read while moving like that. It would make me sick!!! :-) I am reading about all the different learning styles right now and how kids really do learn so different. It will be interesting as I teach each of mine to see how different they all learn. There is never a dull moment! :-) He has gotten so big!

Beth said...

what are you reading, Hannah?

mom and dad said...

that is just crazy!! wish i could do it though!