Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Isaac aka "baby staff" in front of West Hills Baptist Church.  Our youth group has gone to Long Island for 5 years in a row to help run a day camp that is an outreach ministry of this church.  
Isaac was affectionally called "baby staff" by all because I cut down an adult staff shirt to fit him and since all West Hills staff is known by these blue shirts the day camp kids named Isaac the first day.

These next 2 pics are of something that is brilliant (if I do say so myself) and something I found out quite by accident.  I've traveled in an airplane with all of my babies, but never with a large piece of thick foam.  Jason's traumatic experience earlier this year leaves him carrying around a foam seat cushion wherever he goes (for now).  Well, it came in very handy on the plane!  This is SERIOUSLY something I wish I always had before for the other babies and many travels.  It was perfect.  The cushion is on my lap and baby Isaac is sleeping so peacefully stretched out across  my lap- at SEVEN months old.  Miracles do happen!  The best part was I just sat back- arms free- and relaxed for his whole nap.  I usually have intense shoulder/ back pain as I'm crouched in an odd position trying to keep a sleeping child quiet and happy.  Other passengers thank me, but my back hates me.  So, I highly recommend a large piece of foam the next time you travel via plane w your baby!

 Here's Isaac on the floor of the airplane.  He's SO very active now and it was just killing him to be stuck in my arms so I put him in this tiny little space and he played for 30 minute- so happy!
These next pictures are a few of the teens who were on the missions trip with us.  They were so great with Isaac and really helped to pacify him during the week and especially on the last LONG day of travel.  We started home at 5 AM and Jason and I didn't get home until about 9 PM due to delays which led to missed connecting flights.
Here are Jon and Deborah "posing" while a lady wearing a snuggie through the airport is walking behind them!  (we were bored- and people watching is always so much fun!)
Here is Abby with the "flying nuns" on the moving walkway
I wasn't prepared for such a LONG day at the airport.  The pic below shows Isaac wearing his new $8 airport diapers and $13 t-shirt!
Each time I fly I am struck with the vastness of the world that God created.  I am so small in it and yet He loves me and desires a personal relationship with me.  I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God in my life.  
When we FINALLY arrived at the Minneapolis airport it was ironic to get a call that the bus coming from church to pick us up had a blown tire on the side of the interstate and we had to wait for another 2 hours in our own airport!  We were exhausted a little loopy, but all we could do was laugh.  Isaac desperately needed a place to crawl after being cooped up in a stroller and airplanes all day so we created this "fort" below with our luggage for him.  I really should have taken a picture of what happened next.  We all ended up sitting in that circle watching the only DVD I had with me- Baby Einstein!
finally back at church with one exhausted baby and a great week of memories made with friends

After the NY trip I was home for 4 days and Jason was away at Elementary Camp with our church and then I headed with my sister and all 5 kids 10 hours away to visit grandparents while Jason flew to Portland, OR to preach in his home church and visit family and friends.  So, I'm sorry that this blog has been a little neglected! :)  Life is busy, busy, busy.  I'm anxious to be home.  I'd like to do a series of posts about home soon.  stay tuned...


mom and dad said...

beth dear, can i just say i think you are amazing and i love u!

joanna said...

wow, it's great to see all these pictures! looks like the airplane trips were...interesting. Thank the Lord for foam, huh? =) I know this is obvious, but I'm struck by how much Isaac looks just like the others! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I can stay in touch w/ you this way too!

kellyH said...

whew, sounds exhausting. glad you had plenty of helpers in the airport though. my only question is why is Isaac wearing only a diaper on the airplane? :) :)