Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate

Kate turned 3 on March 10th. I can hardly believe that she has been in our family for 3 years; however, she has always seemed much older than she is. She's such a funny little person always coming up with the craziest things that keep us all rolling on the floor with laughter! She's intense and passionate and stubborn. She's also my cuddliest kid. She likes skin. She always has. That sounds funny, but she is always stroking your face, hand, arm, or neck. She just likes to be there- right there! I thought when we had Isaac that there would be jealousy issues with Kate, but she loves him and wants to just pile on my lap with him. "There's room, see mommy? (as she squeezes herself into a little bit of space on the chair beside me or on my leftover lap while I'm feeding or rocking him). "

For Kate's birthday we went to Build-A-Bear so she could make her own dog. The dogs name is Sally. Sally has gone everywhere with Kate. She is loved! (my kids love their stuffed dogs!)
Here's the birthday loot:
I am NO cake maker. I use a box mix and don't try real hard at the decorating part. It just gets eaten and I think it would really frustrate me to spend hours on something that would be ruined so quickly! I'm just not good at that. So, here's the letter "K" cake. Kate loves her letter K. She's always pointing out the letter K wherever we are on signs, in the bulletin, reading books, etc. She thinks ever letter K is hers so a K cake seemed perfect this year!

We also watched Cinderella together- one of Kate's favorites.
Lately Kate has become very sober for the camera and I had a hard time catching her smiles and silliness on the camera today!
A fun time was had by all.


Chastity Gomez said...

I LOVE your letter K cake- its SO adorable! And your Kate reminds me of my Ella in so many ways! KAte is just beautiful!!

the johnson crew said...

i really can't believe she is already 3. it doesn't seem that long ago that she was a baby. then it is almost 3 years that you have lived in your home too.

kate is beautiful. what a sweetie. and your "K" cake is pretty awesome... my cakes are usually a circle with sprinkles... so you are doing much better than I am. :)

i miss you guys.

Matt & Nicki said...

This was fun to read and catch up with you a little bit via blogging:) You are creative at everything else, why add cake-decorating to it?! BTW, that "K" cake is CUTE, I may steal your idea for an "E" cake some time. .. NOT so sure I will be attempting and "S":)

Beth said...

love these pictures. I'm so thankful to be here and experience these times with you. love you

Beth said...

amy- you have to signout of ME before you leave a comment as YOU!!! :) thanks though. love you too!