Sunday, March 21, 2010


Jason sits in his recliner most of the day. He also sits there for meals. We often eat as a family in the living room for supper now days so that we can be with daddy. The kids love having picnics out there with him. Mark and Amy live with us now (that's for another post!) and the last few evenings Mark, Jason, and Jonas sit in the living room and we girls (Ella, Kate, Amy, and me) sit in our little kitchen eating space. The boys watch basketball and we girls LAUGH- a lot! Last night I was coaxing Kate to finish eating. She only had a few beans left on her plate, but for some reason it was taking her forever to eat! I had told her several times to finish and finally she said in an exasperated voice with her hands up in the air, "Mommy, I'm SURROUNDED by beans!"

Lately Kate has been talking in a funny accent and making up different ways to say things. Yesterday she was adding a "t" to the beginning of our names. She was Tate, Ella was Tella, Jonas was Tonas, I was Tommy, and Aunt Amy was Tant Tamy. She talked like that all night. She's a nut!


the johnson crew said...

how fun to have your sister and brother-in-law there.

your kids are cute. what fun memories. praising God for all he got you through. you are amazing!

chet said...

That reminds me of a song on one of the girls' CDs..."O Lonely Peas."

Dinner is over.
I like what I ate.
Except for the peas,
which are still on my plate.

O, Lonely Peas,
so green, so round, and so small.
O, Lonely Peas,
there's no one who loves you at all.
There's no one who loves you at all.

I can't leave my place
till the peas are all gone.
At the rate I am going,
I'll be ninety-one.


Perhaps by some magic,
they'll all disappear --
...The peas are still here.


I'm growing quite fond
of these peas of my own.
So how could I eat them?
I'd be all alone. OH!


Matt & Nicki said...

I love that! "I'm surrounded by beans!" What a kid!